Load limiter

The load limiter adjusts the servo pressure in proportion to the air flow from the motor to the governor during a rapid increase in load. The servo is loaded, causing the valve to move downward until the ports in the middle of the valve communicate with the servo source ports in the valve body. This causes the servo oil to enter the servo valve at high pressure, which causes it to rise to such an extent that the compressive force of the servo governor is equal to the compressive force on the bellows. This set is constantly adjusting the input load during the operation of the turbine and has a very high sensitivity. The most important part of it is the assembly bellows, which after months of research on the original sample and finally after the design, the bellows was made.

EmployerTavan Gostar Iranian Turbine Company (ITCO)
ContractorsDanesh Ghete Samin Company
Delivery Date2015
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load limiter
load limiter

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