About the CEO


Alimohammad Haghshenas Founder and CEO


Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology
Graduated from Tarbiat Modares University with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering
Managing Director and Founder of Danesh Ghete Samin Company

Research Activities

Bachelor project: Design, manufacture and calibration of TP20 type CMM probe

Master Project: Analytical and Experimental Study on Plastic Wood Composite Ethnic Extrusion: Observing Changes in Weight, Cost and Strength

favorite fields:

1- Production of CAD / CAM software (for example for manufacturing, quality control and improving the performance of the compressor lobe of Midrex units of steel industry)

2- Designing and manufacturing optical or contact measuring devices and converting numerical control machines to CMM

3- Advanced non-destructive testing methods (for example, hardness measurement by NDT method)

Articles submitted:

1- Experimental study on extrusion of wood-plastic composite foam: observation of changes in weight, cost and strength

۲- Experimental Study on the Extrusion of Wood Plastic Composite Foam: Observation of Variation of Weight, Density, Cost and Strength


1- Design and fabrication of plastic wood composite foam extrusion system with the help of chemical foaming agent

2- Design, manufacture and calibration of CMM type TP20 probe


1- Quality control expert of spare parts in Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan for 9 years

2- Research and development manager in Samatek Engineering Technical Company for 2 years

3- Research and Development Manager of Aria Plastic Company for 3 years

Manager of completed research projects:

1- Construction, testing and improvement of compressor lobe, Mobarakeh Steel, Isfahan

2- Design, construction and testing of linear actuator electromagnetic filter, Samatek – HESA

3- Developing standards and conducting tests on military linear actuators in accordance with US military standards, Samatek-HSA

4- Modification of inspection formulas for the first time in the country, Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan

5- Design, manufacture of 8-pole ceramic magnet for military pump, HESA

6- Compilation of technical knowledge for making special parts of military linear actuator, HESA

7- Supervising the manufacture of plastic molds, Aria Plastic

8- Compilation of technical knowledge in the field of materials, Samatek – HESA

9- Writing internal software for quality control of spare parts and process modification, Mobarakeh Steel, Isfahan

10- Design and construction of linear actuator reducing gearbox, Samatek

11- Using microcellular foam for weight loss, Aria Plastic

software skills:

Kiss soft-Automation Studio-Visual Studio.net-Catia-Cimcoedit-Edge cam-Solidworks- geartrax-Design Experiment-Mold Flow

Mech soft-Exceel-Word-Access-Power point-Matlab-Mdsolid