Automatic drain valve

In the combustion chamber (drain valve), the combustion chamber automatically prevents the accumulation of liquid fuel in the combustion chamber and the compressor stator cover while the engine is stopped. Fuel accumulated when the engine is stopped causes ignition during the starting cycle, which leads to uncontrolled acceleration and extremely high speeds. It should be noted that under normal conditions, liquids do not flow out of the valve. This only happens when fuel leaks into the combustion chamber or compressor stator cover during a fault. This collection is considered a special collection due to the existence of bronze bellows, which has a very precise spring property, which this company has been able to design and manufacture brass blouses and the whole collection for the first time in Iran.

EmployerTavan Gostar Iranian Turbine Company (ITCO)
ContractorsDanesh Ghete Samin Company
Delivery Date2015
شیرتخلیه اتوماتیک
شیرتخلیه اتوماتیک

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