Manufacture of 4 gear pumps

The main gear of the oil pump was broken, so the company decided to repair the gear to test this set and compare the test results of its sets. In this way, after closing the gear on the lathe, the shaft part was completely separated and a cylinder with a diameter of 14 mm was created inside it. A shaft with a diameter of 14 and the length of the broken parts was made and placed inside the gear, which was welded again after welding the shaft to the gear and its dimensions were finalized. After temporary repair of the main gear that was broken, the assembly was assembled and the test was performed with working conditions on it, the results of which are as follows.

EmployerAghajari Oil and Gas Company
ContractorsDanesh Ghete Samin Company
Delivery Date2015
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Aghajarigear pumppumpپروژهپمپ

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