water wash trolley

General explanation:

The  water wash trolley Machine for washing gas turbine engines, consisting of a body with dimensions of 110*65*100 cm, four moving and stationary wheels, pneumatic care unit (including regulator filter and oiler), confidence valve, cylindrical tank, side glass graded (to display the fluid content of the tank), diaphragm pump, celluloid valve and related connections.

The solenoid valve used in this machine is made of aluminum body and epoxy coating and voltage of 24V, power is 3.6W.

Device performance:

Plug for electricity is connected to the turbine and the current enters the solonoid volvo. Compressed air from the outer tank by special hose interface by passing through the pneumatic care unit (adjusting air pressure and oiling) enters the celloid volvo and by entering the diaphragm pump, the washing fluid is sucked from the tank of the complex and enters the pump and then from the upper part of the pump by connecting the hose and the corresponding coupling nozzle for washing, enters the target chamber of the turbine.

Due to the use of this device in the flammable and hazardous gas environment of the area when using the cellonoid hazard class device, even the used II2D Extd IIIC Db I66/67, which has a high risk class both mechanically and electrically.

ContractorsDanesh Ghete Samin CO.
Delivery Date2022

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