Crude oil pump

  • Axially split casing permits removal of complete rotor without disturbing either piping or motor.
  • Flanges drilled to ISO, DIN, BS or ANSI.
  • Closed impellers have double curved vanes statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940.
  • High performance impeller with minimal axial thrust due to double-entry impeller.
  • Completely sealed and dry for zero corrosion.

Q (m3/h) : 227

H (m) : 325
P (MPa) : 5
T (°C) : 105

Fluid: Crude Oil

Speed: 3000 RPM

Rated Impeller Dia: 349 mm

EmployerGachsaran Oil and Gas Exploitation Company
ContractorsDanesh Ghete Samin CO.
StatuFinal assembly
Delivery Date2022

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