Our specialty

Overview Of Our Services

Our specialists provide you with professional and world-class services


We are with you in the process of installing and setting up all kinds of industrial devices


Check the feasibility of projects to prevent losses after the project


From idea generation to design, construction and implementation of various equipment, including mechanical, electrical and hydraulic devices

Supply of equipment

Supply of special materials, bearings and equipment

After sales service

Commissioning, delivery, repair, maintenance and after-sales service and supply of spare parts

Repair and maintenance

Contract for repair, maintenance and optimal use of industrial equipment to prevent breakdown


Consulting and research on various methods of production of metal, plastic and rubber parts


Material and spiritual participation in the construction and execution of industrial projects from the beginning to the end by the experts

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering and manufacturing of general mechanical and polymer parts with modern software


Design of hydraulic circuits with the help of software, design of various equipment and engineering calculations by industrial software


Construction and implementation of projects including turbines, oxygen generators, couplings, testers, electric and magnetic actuators, welding structures, steel impellers, hydraulic equipment, blowers and fans, etc.