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Automatic Drain Valve


In this case, the combustion chamber automatically prevents the accumulation of liquid fuel in the combustion chamber and the compressor stator cover when the engine is stopped. It rises sharply. It should be noted that under normal conditions, liquids do not flow out of the valve. Early in the start-up cycle, when the engine is stopped, the path to the atmosphere is open. In this case, any accidental fuel leak has a free passage to the combustion chamber or stator cover of the compressor to discharge from the engine.

شیرتخلیه اتوماتیک
شیرتخلیه اتوماتیک


This part is used in raston turbine compressors. During the start-up cycle, the air pressure applied from the compressor rotor outlet to the other side of the rotor expands the rotor and gradually closes the valve, increasing the rotor outlet pressure / velocity. Similarly, when the engine is off, an exponential reduction in the outlet pressure of the compressor speed allows the valve to return to the open position.


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