Our goal: self-sufficiency, value creation


Value creation is the missing key of economic opening

By relying on young forces, we have succeeded in creating value and producing science.

Industrial ideas

Problems are easily solved with creative ideas


The applicability of ideas requires expertise


Implementation of ideas requires expertise and equipment


Projects need support and maintenance




مبدل حرارتی, انواع مبدل حرارتی, خرید مبدل حرارتی, فروش مبدل حرارتی, قیمت مبدل حرارتی, تولید کننده مبدل حرارتی, کاربرد مبدل حرارتی, مبدل حرارتی صنعتی, مبدل حرارتی خانگی, مبدل حرارتی استیل, مبدل حرارتی صفحه ای, مبدل حرارتی پوسته و لوله, مبدل حرارتی هوایی, مبدل حرارتی آب به آب, مبدل حرارتی روغن, مبدل حرارتی گازی, مبدل حرارتی دوار, مبدل حرارتی اسپیرال, مبدل حرارتی حرارتی, طراحی مبدل حرارتی, نگهداری مبدل حرارتی, تعمیر مبدل حرارتی, عملکرد مبدل حرارتی, سیستم مبدل حرارتی, مبدل حرارتی برای تهویه مطبوع, مبدل حرارتی استخر, مبدل حرارتی نیروگاهی, مبدل حرارتی خورشیدی, مبدل حرارتی بازیافتی, مبدل حرارتی بخار, مبدل حرارتی تبرید, مبدل حرارتی تبخیری, مبدل حرارتی بویلر, مبدل حرارتی کندانسور, مبدل حرارتی چگالش, مبدل حرارتی خنک کننده, مبدل حرارتی مایع, مبدل حرارتی برای صنایع غذایی, مبدل حرارتی شیمیایی, مبدل حرارتی نفت و گاز, مبدل حرارتی کشتی, مبدل حرارتی خودرو, مبدل حرارتی کشاورزی, مبدل حرارتی دارویی, مبدل حرارتی سفارشی, تکنولوژی مبدل حرارتی, بهره وری مبدل حرارتی, تست مبدل حرارتی, مشخصات مبدل حرارتی, مدل های مبدل حرارتی



طراحی و ساخت انواع کمپرسور





Fulfilling the needs of the industry, for the honor and glory of the dear country


A difficult mission, but possible

Design and manufacture of screw pump, centrifugal pump and gear pump


Danesh Tegah Samin Company has a level one knowledge base license in the design and production of screw pumps, which has designed and produced this product for many companies, including Shazand Petrochemical, as well as Arundan Oil and Gas Company, etc.

پمپ اسکرو
پمپ اسکرو

Centrifugal pumps

Our technicians have high knowledge in various fields of design and production of centrifugal pumps, and Danesh Tegah Samin Company guarantees its pump products for one year based on this high knowledge.


Design and construction of functional test stand for standard gear pumps, positive displacement pumps based on API676, design of gear curves in SOLIDBOX, KISSSOFT software.

پمپ دنده ای
پمپ دنده ای

Knowledge base certificate of screw pump manufacturing

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گواهی دانش بنایان پمپ های اسکرو
14+years of experience
16+Expert force

The only cause of failure is the fear of failure.

About our industrial company

We believe that our youth have the ability to produce any science. Just give them a field. We have given them a field. The result has been extraordinary projects. Our work areas include:
  • PRODUCEProfessional and modern systems
  • DESIGNE simulation
  • professional ConsultationCost estimation and feasibility
  • participationFinancial and intellectual participation
  • Reverse EngineeringBuilding from destruction
  • Repair and maintenance Maintenance, cost reduction
  • accessoriesRepair parts, without delay
  • EducationSpecialization, employment


Having the courage to admit mistakes

Since no factory can afford an unplanned failure, the mechanical service group of Danesh Tazam Samin is ready to undertake the equipment, support and repair of industrial parts.

Get an expert consultation for your project

Call us for free and spend a few minutes with us.
Installation of the entire production line

We can accompany you in equipment installation and repair, general and specialized maintenance and prevention of sudden breakdowns.

Making small and large parts

Our technicians are fully trained in various fields of installation, maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you.

Hardness of exposure and corrosion resistant coating

Since the localization of parts and equipment is one of the most important goals of knowledge-based companies, we make you unnecessary to foreign countries.

Complete pipe fittings of piping systems

Experience is a wealth that costs a lot of time and money. We are ready to share our experience with other companies or do joint projects.

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